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The Log Rover Project
It all started in March 2004, with a hydraulic pump for a Land Rover gearbox being advertised on Ebay, and ended up with a plan to take a 33 year old 109" Landie, totally rebuild it, and then convert the rear load bed into a tipper and add a built in hydraulic log splitter... These photos will record whether we ever get that far......... Neil Ricci, June 2004.

Well it's now the end of 2006 and the Log Rover is in regular use, winching, splitting, delivering, and tipping logs, so after two and a half years I think we can say the project is now complete. Neil Ricci, Dec 2006.

It's now early 2009, and the Log Rover has done over 6,000 miles, 120hrs splitting according the pump clock, and delivered countless loads of logs - all without any major problems. This website has racked up over 15,000 hits and I've had emails from all over the world and numerous land rover discussion forums have linked to it - so whilst it seems there is still a bit of interest in the Log Rover and the pictures of it in use and being tweaked, I've continued to the add more pictures to the site. Hope you find them useful or interesting. Neil Ricci, Feb 2009.

Finding bits and taking stuff apart
Finding bits and taking stuff apart  |  Total images: 20  |  Date added: 10.01.2011
Dismantling is always the easiest bit...
Putting things together
Putting things together  |  Total images: 402  |  Date added: 27.01.2013
This is the bit that takes the time, but looks good (for a while at least)
Design stuff
Design stuff  |  Total images: 46  |  Date added: 08.01.2011
Temporary area for sharing design ideas with others...
Log Rover in use
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Log Rover in use  |  Total images: 722  |  Date added: 03.03.2013
Actually getting to use it after a couple of years building it...
LROI article
LROI article  |  Total images: 25  |  Date added: 10.01.2011
Photos from the Land Rover Owner International article in March 2007. Copyright LROI and Lewis Houghton.
Other motors
Other motors  |  Total images: 1016  |  Date added: 08.01.2011
The rest of the fleet...