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2001 4.6 Vogue Range Rover
2001 4.6 Vogue Range Rover  |  Total images: 107  |  Date added: 14.04.2011
NEWEST - Accidently bought this at a knockdown price due to an overheating engine. Dropped in a brand new 4.6 engine and now my daily runner
1961 Rover P4
1961 Rover P4  |  Total images: 639  |  Date added: 08.01.2011
GONE - 1961 Rover P4 100 - 2.6litre straight six engine. Owned for 3 years, but sadly sold on in 2010
1968 LWB Landrover
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1968 LWB Landrover  |  Total images: 93  |  Date added: 13.09.2011
RUNNER - I rebuilt this 1968 LWB Landie in 2000, and it was used as the family runabout and for shifting logs/trailers etc, until we got the Rangie and Disco. Now kept on as a backup vehicle as doesn't cost much (runs on half price LPG, Road Tax exempt as a Historic Vehicle, and very cheap insurance).
1989 V8 Vogue SE Range Rover
1989 V8 Vogue SE Range Rover  |  Total images: 120  |  Date added: 11.01.2011
GONE - I rebuilt this 1989 3.5L V8 Vogue SE Range Rover in 2002. It's done 100k miles, but its V8 still purrs along nicely, and a bit more cheaply now its using a direct injection LPG system. Sold in 2010.
1992 Autotune Gemini
1992 Autotune Gemini  |  Total images: 11  |  Date added: 11.01.2011
SITTING - I built this Autotune Gemini kitcar in 1992. It's based on a 1960's Falcon Elva, and was designed for Ford engine and running gear, although I fitted a 2L Fiat Mirafiori Twin Cam engine and tweaked quite a few other aspects of the very basic "kit".
1996 200 Tdi Discovery
1996 200 Tdi Discovery  |  Total images: 12  |  Date added: 08.01.2011
GONE - We owned this 1994 200 Tdi Discovery for around 5 years, then passed it on to my fatehr who runs it still today.
Other motors
Other motors  |  Total images: 34  |  Date added: 08.01.2011
GONE - Other vehicles that have come and gone quite quickly, for spares mostly